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CI-V OCX For The Icom 756Pro  2.0


There are numerous control programs available for the Icom 756Pro. However, as fine as many of these programs are, they are often written to accommodate many different rigs. This sometimes makes these programs "busier". Often containing many functions that do not apply to your rig. These programs with their many features may still not do something that you would like. Or perhaps you just enjoy putting things together your way. Whatever the case, the CIV756P OCX makes it possible to do just what you need whether is is a simple task or a mammoth control program that you would like to create. 

Although it has only been tested in Microsoft VB6, Excel and Word it should work with anything that accepts OCXs.


Download OCX

Download Help File only


CIV756P OCX is now Freeware

I would like to hear how it works for you. Download and enjoy.




Using CI-V OCX with VBA

There are many applications such as Microsoft's Excel and Word that have a Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) interface. This interface allows you to write programs that have access to the application's data and can even manipulate the application. The CI-V OCX can be used in your VBA programs. For example you could use Excel to contain a list of shortwave frequencies you have obtained from perhaps the Internet from sites such as  http://hfradio.org/English/  &  http://www.anarc.org/naswa/swlguide.  Your program can read the data that you have pasted or otherwise imported into Excel. You can now easily scan or browse the frequencies.

How to get started with VBA

To access VBA in Excel for example, you would go to the Tools menu. Then select Macro then Visual Basic Editor.  When you are in the VBA editor Insert a User Form into the project. You will also get a toolbox. Right Click somewhere on the Toolbox and select Additional Controls.  Another dialog box will come up. From the list select the CIV756P control and OK the box.  You will get a little icon in the Toolbox. Click on the little icon then draw a rectangle on the form. This will make it available for use. 


Rigs other than the 756Pro

This OCX has been written with and for the Icom 756Pro. The reason is likely obvious. It is the equipment available.  However, many of the more basic commands work fine on other Icom rigs.  It is also hoped that sometime in the future the additional commands used by the 756Pro II can be added.  In the meantime, if you wish to use this OCX with an Icom rig other than the 756Pro and there is a particular function that is not supported by the CIV756P OCX that you would like added.  Let me know.  I will be glad to consider adding it as time permits.

Update: A property called DirectAccess has been added to the OCX, This function will allow you to specify your own Command and Sub Command plus any needed data. You will have to prepair and parse your own data string if the command requires it. However, this should allow you to access any command on any Icom rig. If not, let me know.


Sharing your programs

If you would like to make programs you have written using the CIV756P OCX available to others as Shareware, Freeware or whatever send me the program in a single file form such as an installation or Zip file with a good description.  If you prefer, you can also send a link to your site that contains a download of your program.  I will post them here on this site.




Contact: k4hw@arrl.net.

Created on April 28, 2002 - Modified on April 30, 2004